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All the details you need to know about your Michigan DOC Fee payments


Information provided on this webpage:

Stay Compliant: payments are due on or before last day of every month

Payment Types Accepted: online payments, money orders and cashier's checks

Payment Amounts

Include MDOC Number and Date of Birth

Send Michigan DOC Fee Payments Only

Remittance Envelopes

Toll-Free Support Line:  1-877-903-7225

What if my payment hasn't posted to my account?


Email Support:  michigan@feeservice.com





Stay Compliant: payments are due on or before the last day of every month

We recommend mailing your payments or paying online NO later than the 25th of the month, so that there is enough time for them to be received, processed and credited to your account by the due date.


Payment Types Accepted: online payments using your credit card, debit card (with Visa or MasterCard logo) or Direct Express card (federal benefits program) or by mail using money orders and cashier's checks.

No other forms of payment are accepted, and will be returned to you. This will delay your payment being processed and could result in your payment being late. DO NOT SEND cash DO NOT SEND personal checks DO NOT SEND company checks.


Payment Amounts

In the case of Supervision Fees, your minimum monthly payment amount may have been originally determined by the court. Payments due for other account types are determined by the cost of the services as explained to you by your Field Agent. If you are not current on your payments, your monthly minimum payment may have been adjusted to make sure you are able to reach a zero balance the month prior to the end of your supervision.

If you choose to do so, you may pay more than the minimum payment. Paying off your accounts may make you eligible for early discharge.

Your payment can only be applied to one account so if you have more than one open account, you must make a separate payment for each. If paying by mail, you must use a separate envelope for each payment.

Be sure to keep your receipt in case there are any problems with the delivery and processing of your payment.

Include MDOC Number and Date of Birth

If paying by mail, it is important that you write both your MDOC Number and Date of Birth on your payment AND on the Payment Voucher to insure that your account is credited correctly.  If you do not know your MDOC Number, please contact your Field Agent.


Properly filling out your payment and Payment Voucher will ensure that your payment is processed on a timely basis.  Not following proper payment procedures will result in delays in processing your payment, which could result in your payment being late.


Here are examples of a properly filled out payment and Payment Voucher for John Q. Public. When you fill out your payment, be sure to CLEARLY PRINT your name, your address, your MDOC Number and your Date of Birth (do not write in the sample information used for this example).

Also, be sure to separate the Customer's Receipt from the money order and keep it for your records.




Send Michigan DOC Fee Payments Only

Do not send anything other than your Michigan DOC Fee payment.  All other items should be sent directly to your Field Agent or the proper location.  If you are unsure of the correct location, please contact your Field Agent.  Some examples of items that should NOT be sent to the Michigan DOC Fee processing address:

DO NOT SEND pay stubs for employment verification

DO NOT SEND payments for restitution

DO NOT SEND payments for court costs

DO NOT SEND a note for your Field Agent


Remittance Envelopes

Pre-printed remittance envelopes are provided for your payments.  If you do not have any envelopes, you can request more from your Field Agent or pick them up from any Probation and Parole office.  Not having a pre-printed envelope is not an excuse for not mailing in your payment on time.  If you do not have one of the pre-printed envelopes, you can send your payment in a regular envelope to the fee payment center at:

               Michigan DOC Fee Payment Processing

               PO Box 674178

               Detroit, MI   48267-4178


Toll-Free Support Line:  1-877-903-7225

This toll-free number can be called 24x7x365.  This automated system can provide you with the following information:

Your current balance

Your last payment received

Your minimum payment amount to stay current

The due date for your next payment


You also have the ability to leave a commitment to pay message indicating when you will be sending in your payment.

What if my payment hasn't posted to my account?

There are a number of explanations for why your payment may not have posted yet to your account:


-        Have you allowed enough time for the payment to be processed?

Please allow at least 5 business days from the day you mailed your payment.

If your payment has not posted, wait three days and call back. If your payment still has not posted, there may be other problems.


-        Did you follow the proper payment procedure?

If you did not write the correct MDOC Number and your Date of Birth on Payment AND the Payment Voucher, the processing of your payment could have been delayed.


-        Did you clearly PRINT all information?

We do the best we can to read what you write but we need your help.

CLEARLY PRINTING all information will help us process your payments in a timely manner.


-        What if you did everything right?

On some occasions, there can be payment processing errors.  If you believe this to be the case, please call the Support Line and be prepared to provide the following information (you should allow AT LEAST TWO WEEKS before contacting support regarding a possible problem with a payment

        Date you mailed the payment or confirmation number of electronic payment

        Exact payment type

        Payment amount

        Serial number of payment


If the matter cannot be resolved with this information, you will need to have the agency that issued the money order run a trace to see if the payment has been cashed.


-      If it has been cashed, you will need the information from the BACK of the money order.  This information is the bank's internal tracking number and should enable us to locate the payment and credit your account.


-      If the payment has not been cashed, you can request a refund from the issuing agency.  Note: there are usually time restrictions on how soon the agency will issue a refund.  The USPS, for example, will not issue a refund until 60 days have passed from the date the money order was originally purchased.



If you believe you are entitled to a refund from one of your accounts or if you believe your payment was applied to the wrong account, you will need to contact your Field Agent. Refunds are issued by the Department of Corrections.


Email Support:  michigan@feeservice.com

If you have any questions not answered here, you email us at this address. We will only be able to answer questions regarding your account status and payment history.  Any questions regarding your parole or probation or your requirement to pay your fees need to be directed to your Field Agent.



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